The Parivartan or Great Spiritual Transformation

Since the beginning of the 20th century, humanity has entered an era which is pregnant with both marvellous promises and great perils. Outwardly, this has been manifested by great scientific and technological progress, which has made life easier for people in many domains. At the same time, as human consciousness has never truly progressed enough in the field of divine wisdom, humanity has known terrible wars which offset the advantages of technological and scientific progress. This is how things go in this world of duality where good and evil always go together as long as the divine soul does not rule the lives of individuals. If one adds to this the fact that the way of life of practically all human beings has been so upset for the last century, that more and more complex social, cultural and psychological problems have appeared, one will then understand how much the society is at a crossroads today.

One generally thinks that all these outer upheavals are especially caused by modifications in society and scientific progress. But they are only the effects. The main cause is to be found in the cosmic energies which are coming down on the Earth and which push things in the direction of change. Now, among the unfolding cycles of evolution which rule our globe, one cycle which started off thousands of years ago is now finishing (Kali Yuga (1), with very little spirituality and virtue), and at present we are going through a period of transition before another very long cycle lasting thousands off years starts off (Satya Yuga (2), with maximum spirituality and virtue). This new cycle will bring about great modifications in people’s consciousness and also the reorganisation of the whole of human society.

(Excerpt from the Introduction, Shri Hans Raj Maharajji and The Dawn of a New Consciousness, Ashvin Saptashishya, Copyright © 2008 Sacha Hansa Books.)

The Emergence of Powerful Cosmic Energies and its Consequences

From the beginning of time, cosmic energies have been coming down on the Earth to govern life on the planet. These energies vary according to the cycle the planet goes through and the goals humanity has to reach, in the spiritual, cultural and scientific domains.

It is important to note here that the aim of these cosmic energies is not to destroy, but to build a new humanity and a new civilization. However men are not spiritually ready, and that is why they will be in opposition to the direction these energies push us to follow, which will result in destructions. The only solution left now is that each one must bring about a reorientation in his life, for it is the only criterion that must be met to enter the new era, and at the same time avoid being swept away by the calamities to come. This criterion is purely spiritual, and is devoid of any fanaticism or sectarian spirit.

What is expected of each person at present is to allow his heart or inner God to express itself. This inner God is the counterpart of the universal God, whatever the name one gives Him. All truly spiritual people recognize and love one another instantly, beyond their respective religious practices, because their hearts sing the divine melody in unison. This melody is a rallying cry for all; it is the expression of the universal essence from which all comes. All religions are based on the note of the heart simply because God in this mahamanvantara or Life of Brahma, expresses Himself as Love. One deviates only if one goes away from this basic keynote.

The Necessity for Spiritual Reorientation

First of all, there is a natural reason for the human race to take the next step towards spiritual heights. Indeed, just as a child becomes a teenager, then an adult, in the same way during the long process of evolution, humanity’s consciousness reaches higher and higher stages, as the centuries and millenniums unfold. And according to those who know, the time has now come for humanity to make a big leap in this endless ascent towards the Divinity. That is why the Great Spiritual Transformation has started with effective energies pushing man upwards, and the Sacha lineage is working for this magnificent goal.

Consequently, in order to make it possible to live in harmony with the new vibratory influences on the Earth, it is necessary for each one to become more spiritual. All those who do not join in and move along in this direction, will unfortunately be swept away by the powerful energies, as has always been the case during the different cycles. There is never any exception.

Every man understands perfectly well that if a variety of wheat is generally cultivated in spring, to be harvested in summer, the farmer who starts cultivating it in summer would be foolish, for he would not get anything to harvest. It is the same in the spiritual world: everything in its own time, and man should use this period of transition between the old world we are leaving and the new one to come, to accomplish specific progress. This would allow us to enter the new era more safely. Since nobody can stop the coming of cosmic energies which will rule the new epoch, they have started to pour down on the Earth and “will make all things new”, to use the words of the Bible. But the period between the present time and this new era is full of danger for all those who are not ready spiritually.

(Excerpt from Chapter 47: The Implications of the Parivartan, from the book Shri Hans Raj Maharajji and The Dawn of a New Consciousness, Ashvin Saptashishya, © 2008 Sacha Hansa Books.)

Help From Great Avatars

That is why God has sent great Avatars to help humanity at this critical time. Among them, the Sacha lineage, from the beginning of the 20th century, has been helping humanity to adapt to the more and more powerful energies. They have working on the higher planes to raise the level of spiritual consciousness, while slowing down the arrival of these energies so as to give everyone more time to become more spiritual and thus harmonize with them.

But it is impossible to slow down these energies indefinately, as Maharajji Sacha Baba and other members of the Sacha lineage (Sacha Baba Girnari and Sacha Baba Kulandaji) had been doing since the beginning of the 20th century, and as humanity did not make enough spiritual progress, the latest great Avatar in the lineage, Shri Hans Raj Maharajji let his disciples know in 2005 at the Guru Purnima festival that the effect of these energies was already being felt by those who were not ready: disasters were happening all over the world; they should therefore regularly do their spiritual practice, at least one hour a day.

Propitious Times

But for those who want to develop spiritually, this period of transition is propitious because these strong energies are meant to do just that. What is more, from time to time, there is a particularly favourable alignment of planets which greatly help the realization of spiritual objectives for everyone on Earth. For example, On 20th March 2020 in India, at 2 o’clock the moon was in the 7th house and Jupiter was aligned with Mars. This is indeed pushing us into the Age of Aquarius. This is very favourable for spiritual development and some who know about it have been taking advantage of it. Others have been praying for the advancement of humanity, for we must ALL advance, humanity is ONE body on the spiritual plane. We all share the same soul. We are ALL in a period of spiritual advancement through initiation, everyone in the world.

Another opportunity to raise our vibrations even higher and attune our being to the new energies started off with the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius on December 20–21, 2020 – an even bigger push into the Age of Aquarius.

This is known in many parts of the world, and spiritual elders of various peoples pray for the world and carry out ceremonies for its upliftment. In Australia, on December 21st 2020, the elders in charge of the holy Uluru site carried out a ceremony to release a great quantity of Light around the world, and beyond. This will help to send us further into the new era and will make the choice each person has to make between either living through one’s heart or living a purely materialistic life even clearer. It will boost our spiritual progress if we make the right choice.

The Age of Aquarius into which we are now entering will surely bring better understanding among men, but we will still be very far from the ideal situation, for it is only a short period of time in this transition between the two big cycles.

According to Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba, we must first bring about a change in ourselves if we want to help humanity, otherwise we will be of no help to the world. Whenever we progress spiritually, at the same time we also contribute to humanity’s progress.


(1) Kali Yuga lasts 432,000 human years. It is the Iron Age as qualified by Plato.

(2) Satya Yuga lasts 1,728,000 human years. It is the Golden Age as qualified by Plato.

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Christmas 2012 at Sacha Baba’s ashram



Christmas was celebrated very simply at Sacha Dham ashram.

On Christmas Eve presents were given out to the children. Master Prem Baba, one of Maharajji’s realized disciples from Brazil, held a singing and satsang session which was greatly enjoyed.

 On Christmas morning, presents were given to the adult ashramites. Disciples, mostly with Prem Baba, went to offer a flower and pranan (salutations) to Sacha Baba Kulanandji, Maharajji Sacha Baba and Anitaji. This was followed at lunchtime by a big Bhandara (feast meal prepared with blessings and prayers). Along with the ashramites, children form the ashram’s Sanskrit school and primary school were present.

 On New Year’s Eve, Prem Baba held a satsang session along with the chanting of mantras (including the very important mantra “Prabhu Aapa Jago”) to bring in the new year. The satsang hall was packed.

Sacha Dham at the foot of the Himalayas

Sacha Dham at the foot of the Himalayas

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Maha Kumbha Mela January 14 to March 10 2013

Kumbha Mela 2012 - 13



A very great fire ceremony organized by the Sacha lineage is being held during the Magh Kumbha Mela, in Allahabad at the confluence of the three rivers — the Ganges, the Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati at Sangam Prayag. Millions of people from India and abroad are expected to attend the Kumbha Mela.  

This fire ceremony is necessary to help the spiritual changes which are actually going on all over the world. Indeed, we are in a period where new energies push for a rise in spiritual consciousness, and it is necessary to help people get used to these energies and adapt to them. Humanity will progressively learn to live through the heart instead of only the mind.

This ancient tradition of holding important fire ceremonies for the welfare of humanity was revived by Sacha Baba Kulanandji many years ago and was continued by Maharajji Sacha Baba. Now, their disciples maintain the tradition.

Sacha disciples can also support the transformation programme by chanting the Prabhu Aapa Jago mantra daily, wherever they may be in the world. This mantra was divinely revealed to Sacha Baba Kulanandji for this purpose.


Maha Kumbh 2013




Magh Kumbh Mela


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Mahasamadi of Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba

Maharajji Sacha Baba

Brothers and sisters, 

On Sunday 23rd October 2011 in the morning, the great saint and Mahatma, our beloved Master Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba left his body at the age of 89. A few days earlier, he had been suffering from a slight infection and had been admitted to hospital in Dehradun.

 His leaving this plane has brought great emotion and sadness to the whole community of disciples and to all those who knew him, for everyone knows how much he was love and compassion, and that he only lived for the Common Good. Maharajji was simplicity, love and grace united in one being.

 On that same morning of 23rd October, his body was brought back to his ashram, Sacha Dham, and exposed in the great hall, decorated with flowers. Everyone was thus able to come and pranam, renew their love and devotion to the divine Guru who has served us all well. At the same time, the choir of disciples continually sang the powerful mantra Prabhu Aapa Jago. The last funeral and religious rites took place the following day, on Monday.

 A special ceremony is to take place on  7th November during which disciples and friends from all over India and abroad will pay a vibrant homage to the holy Master.

 After his enlightenment, which happened in exceptional conditions in October 1955, this great saint, great Avatar has thus spent fifty-six years serving God, his Master Sacha Baba Kulanandji and humanity. Maharajji Sacha Baba only lived for one goal — that humanity should turn to God through the path that each person would choose. He has always said that all religions lead to the same goal which is this same God, whatever the name each religion gives Him. So Maharajji Sacha Baba has never practised proselytism for any particular religion, for he often used to say, “Everyone has a heart, which is the seat of love; love is universal. And love is God, Who is universal.” For him, if a man listens to his heart, he will find God. But if he only listens to his mind, then he will take the wrong path.

 So the divine torchbearer of the Sacha lineage has left for the higher plains, but we are certainly sure that from these high plains, he will continue to work for the transformaton of humanity and his disciples. Each of us will be able to continue benefiting from his holy guidance and assistance as long as our hearts are in harmony with him. May our faith and devotion in him shine like the indelible link which joins us to his divine grace forever!

 Jay Maharajji Sacha Baba ! 

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Gurupurnima Message 2011 (summary) at Sacha Dham Ashram

As usual, Gurupurnima was celebrated at Sacha Dham, in July 2011 at the ashram of Shri Sacha Baba Maharajji. Repeating the main message of the Sacha Lineage to humanity, Shri Sacha Baba gave advice to both his disciples and humanity in general.

Here is the gist of Maharajji’s message:

My people!

I have just one thing to say, it is necessary to bring God into your life. He is the only doer. Whatever effort you make, the Guru wants you to do it for Paramatman (cosmic Spirit, God). You must understand. You should follow your own path. He will show you the way. The time today is such that it is like a dark, moonless night.

Now Parivartan (the spiritual shift in consciousness) is taking place. Remember, in the Sacha lineage after me, there will be two more Avatars in the future [Maharajji has not said exactly when in the future these Avatars will come. Is it just after him or later on, we do not know]. Then the Parivartan will be entirely fulfilled. How much of the world will remain, how many of the people will be wiped out from this world? All those who remain will be those who are devoted to Paramatman. What I am saying applies not just to India, but to the entire world.

This Kali Yuga is very simple, if only you chant “RAM RAM”, the Name of God, you will be able to go through it easily. All sins of past, present and future lifetimes will be wiped away. But we don’t give priority to Paramatman. Whoever comes to me tells me, “I have this problem, that problem etc”. Hardly anybody uptil today has come to ask for Paramatman. Whatever they ask for, I always pray for it; but the samsara [the almost endless cycle of rebirth and death till man attains liberation] keeps on expanding.

No one has managed to control this world and no one will, because whatever one’s actions are, that very fruit he will reap. If there are four brothers in a house, then the karma of each will be different. Even if all four live together lovingly and eat together, still the karma of all four is different. But if all four chant the Name of Paramatman even for an hour [a day], then their sins will be wiped away and they’ll attain moksha [liberation], reaping in that way the fruit of that spiritual practice. But people want only samsara, and they go deeper into it, thus accumulating “dust” for many lifetimes.

We should at least think about where we are going and for what we are going. After a short time people go off the path, because they have no wisdom.

Later Satya Yuga (the era of wisdom) will come. The world will keep on its flow. However today if by misfortune someone does not chant The Name of God, then he also will have to leave this world [because he will not be in harmony with the Divine Energies which are coming down on earth in this Parivartan cycle]. Human life is itself a chance. And there is no second chance.

Follow your religion seriously. The major religions, for example, all have different paths, but all lead to God. And all those who practise these religions sincerely attain union with God, whatever their social class.

In India there are many Gurus, you can easily choose one. If you don´t find Paramatman with one, you can find Him with someone else. And whether you find a Guru or not, follow the one in whom you have faith.

You should give up everything for 1-2 hours daily and chant the Name of Paramatman. If it becomes a habit then you will start doing it lovingly later on. You will grow love in your Heart for Paramatman.

Wake Up!

You should wake up early in the morning and chant the Name of Paramatman for 1-2 hours. And the rest of the time you can eat, sleep and work hard. The circle of maya (illusion) is weak in the beginning but later it grows hard like iron [if you don’t have a steady spiritual practice]. It won´t break. If you tell an old man to say “RAM RAM”, he’ll say “go and tell someone else” [if he has been used to living without steady spiritual practice].

Time is passing, the sun will rise and set, it will do its work. The higher powers will continue doing their work whether we reach the goal or not. Therefore I won’t say much, I just say that you should devote some time to Paramatman , Whoever your Paramatman is, with form or without. Some people have faith in Allah. If they have faith by heart, when they rise up spiritually, there is then no distinction. Paramatman of all religions and people is One only. All people have similar organs. God has given to everyone intellect and strength.

Although I speak and speak [year after year], people still don’t understand. Therefore they get all kind of sorrows. So devote 1-2 hours daily [to avoid these trials and sorrows in your life]. In the morning after having a bath, or without a bath, sit and chant God’s Name. Usually people have a bath and then go to their shop. They [only] keep the shop in their mind.

It is up to you, nobody is forcing you . Whether you like or not, just sit. After a while or after two days you’ll start liking it. Slowly slowly you will leave samsara behind. [Maharajji never forces anybody; he only gives wise guidance and lets people freely follow it or not.]

A Few Remarks

 The Sacha lineage is a line of Saints and great Avatars who have made the vow to continue their activities until all men have been forever delivered from the chains of ignorance. For over a century now, this lineage in its present form has been working to help humanity get used to the new energies which raise the level of spiritual consciousness. These cosmic energies which had come into action some time before have become stronger and stronger with passing years, and have made their grip felt on the planet and on everything to be found on it. Their effect is to put an end to the old order so as to bring in a new society and especially a new state of consciousness, by powerfully pushing man towards his inner God (also called soul), this eternal goal – the reason why man had incarnated. Humanity is now entering a long cycle of great Transformation of consciousness. (Parivartan)

 Since Kacha Baba at the beginning of the 1900s, the Sacha Masters have been urging humanity to prepare for the era coming in so that man will go through the transition period in the best conditions. They have always insisted on the fact that it is necessary to harmonize with the present energies, and “swim with the current”, otherwise this will create “friction” in both the physical and the spiritual world, and so give rise to problems and even disasters of all sorts everywhere in the world.

 Unfortunately, this harmonization process is way behind and humanity’s heart has not changed enough. All over the world we are witnessing both human-made and natural disasters of all sorts as well as several wars where thousand of lives are lost. That is why Maharajji recommends using the OM NAMA SHIVA mantra which is most effective to both create change in oneself and reach material goals.

 The Sacha lineage – along with their disciples all over the world work for the smooth transition of Man into the new cycle. The mantras the most used for this are the Prabhu Aapa Jago (1), created by Sacha Baba Kulanandaji for this very purpose, and the Gayatri, a very powerful, ancient mantra. But more help is needed to put the world back in the right direction. Men and women all over the world are needed to pray for the Earth, so that the necessary opening of hearts is speeded up, bringing about a rise in the consciousness of the human race.


  (1) Prabhu Aapa Jago, Paramatma Jago,
Mere Sarava Jago, Saravatra Jago.
Dukhaantaka Khela Kaa Anta Karo.
Sukantaka Khela Prakash Karo.
Which means,
Oh God of my heart, wake up in me, supreme Lord wake up,
Wake up my whole being, wake up all beings everywhere.
End this era of pain and suffering.
Bring in the era of joy and bliss.
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Guru Purnima 2010 at Sacha Dham

 Sacha Dham Packed Full


 Sunday 25th July 2010 was a special day in India, for it was the Day of the Guru, Masters’ day. And in India the Guru is such a central person in the thoughts and life of a Hindu that each family has a Guru.

 At this special event there was a puja (prayer) in the ashram temple and the whole atmosphere was permeated with divinity. Love and devotion reinforce the mutual links between Maharajji and his children. The Master shed his holy blessings on all his disciples — both those present and absent.

At the end of this special puja, Maharajji spoke to his disciples about the perils which humanity has to face in this Parivartan cycle (cycle of transformation in hearts and consciousness) which has begun. He insisted on the fact that spiritual change for the new era must come from each individual. ‘There is a saying from Maharajji [Sacha Baba Kulanandji, his Master] : “Change within yourselves.” Whatever work we do, one may listen or not, an inside voice tells us whether this work is good or not.’ He recommended that his disciples chant the name of God two hours every day, one hour in the morning and one in the evening.

Lunch was a bandhara or brotherly meal of which all partook in a joyous atmosphere.

Om Shri Sache Maha Prabhu Ki Jay !

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Christmas Messages from Sacha Dham 2009

Christmas Messages from Sacha Dham ashram, Rishikesh, December 2009

 Message from Swami Midhaji, representing Maharajji Sacha Baba

There is only one Christmas message. Bhagwan Vishnu says :

Whenever there is a decline of righteousness, O Arjuna, and rise of unrighteousness, then I manifest Myself ! For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the wicked, and for the establishment of righteousness, I am born in every age.

God is One. Depending on the people and religions all over the world, He is born wherever He deems it necessary in whatever community or nations he feels. There are the examples of Buddha, Guru Nanak, Ramakrishna and also many others in the past. Swami Ramakrishna Paramahansa, in the state of Bengal proved through his sadhana that God is One. He practised all the main religions — Islam, Christianity, Hindu, Buddhism, and many more, and he attained realization through all these religions; for although they have different systems, they all go to the same point. He proved it, for the guidance of everyone in the world, that there is only one God, that we can take the path we like to Go to Him — some through Christianity, through Rama, Krishna, Guru Nanak or any path of your own choice, for they all go to the same place. The goal is One.

Today we are celebrating the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, so it is our duty to know more about him and his teachings in order to make them ours and do prayers and whatever he has taught us. Now today is the day when we must practice this most sincerely.

We are sitting in the Sacha Hall. “Sacha” means “Truth”, so all Truth is Sacha. Sacha is for all.

Shri Sacha Maha Prabhu Ki Jay Ho !

Shri Maharajji Sacha Baba

 Message from Shri Prem Baba

Last night, I shared with you my perception regarding this divine manifestation which is the Christ Jesus Avatar of Lord Vishnu, an embodiment of the rose Ray, which is the Ray of healing and a Ray of the transformation of evil. Yesterday I spoke about two fundamental principles that were taught by Master Jesus which are forgiveness and gratitude. And now I would like to focus on the science of renunciation, that this Master was able to teach the world.

When he heard the voice of Truth inside him, he left everything behind and surrendered to the Truth. When he heard the voice of the one that is inside him, he left everything behind. I remember a passage form the Gospel of St Matthew that touches me deeply. When he, already being a Master could awaken the disciple inside the seeker, Jesus was walking by the seaside and some fishermen were there fishing, and there an encounter happened — the rarest encounter that may happen on this planet: the disciple and the Master met. The Master was able to see the disciple, and the disciple could also see the Master. The Master told them “Let go of your rods and nets, and I will make you fishers of men.” And they just let go of their fishing gear, and followed Jesus.

When they were about to leave the city, a person ran up to one of them and said, “Your mother has died, come to bury her”. He asked Jesus what he should do, should he go back? And Jesus answered, “Let the dead bury their dead.” This is a passage which always touched me. It is interesting how these symbols make an echo inside us and somehow indicate our path, because I saw this repeating in my history. When I left Maharajji, it was like this. It was a magic encounter, and he said “Stay with me.” And I did. Swami Midhaji has said “Truth is only One. God is One Who manifests in different forms.” The Truth is only One. A spiritual Master is born as a normal human being with all the human imperfections and then he surrenders to God, so he purifies and becomes an instrument of the Divine. This is to show you that this is possible, it is also possible for you. The Master goes on this journey in order to show you and to prove to you that this divine realization is also possible for you.

So forgiveness, gratitude and detachment. I feel that this is the essence of what you should practise. Forgiveness means to be able to go back and be truly thankful for everything that happened. If you still cannot forgive totally, ask for more comprehension. In your prayer, pray for more understanding, because forgiveness cannot be only in the mind, it is a phenomenon which takes place in the realm of the heart. “O Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” This is a phenomenon which emerges from the deepest understanding. Forgiveness purifies all fear and hatred from your system, and frees you from the past. Then you are ready to be born again in spirit. As you become more purified, you can start to feel and be thankful. And then actually, the life flow will lead you to perfection — detachment from what prevents you from manifesting your true nature, from all the beliefs, from all the conditioning, from all the ideas you have created about who you are. Detachment from your name and its personal history, because you are not your name and neither are you your history. Then the truth starts to manifest.

Meditating on these teachings is the proper way to honour Master Jesus on the day of his birth. What can be more meaningful to a teacher than his students putting his teachings into practice? If we put these teachings into practice, we will be celebrating Christmas. On the contrary, what good is it to just say around “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas”? What does “Merry Christmas” mean? The birth of the Christ? It is the birth of the divine (higher) Self.

I’d like to wish all of you “Merry Christmas”. May the Light of the Christ enlighten your hearts. May the Light of the Christ enlighten your path. The Christ is the cosmic Consciousness. Christ Jesus, Christ Krishna, Christ Buddha.

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Inaguration of the New Satsang Hall

Scenes from the inauguration of Prem Baba’s new satsang hall at Sacha Dham
6th January 2010

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Building the new satsang hall

The  new  satsang hall  built under  Prem Baba’s supervision  
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Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba — The Worldwide Spiritual Transformation of Consciousness (Parivartan)

Transforming Spiritual Consciousness

     Shri Sacha Baba Maharajji         


 “During this Kali Yuga, Om Namo Shivaya [also pronounced “Om Nama Shivaya”] is the most powerful and fruitful mantra. So in the present period of time, the easiest way to attain spiritual as well as material goals is to pray to Shiva for just one hour every day.”   [Sacha Baba Maharajji at the Shivaratri festival, February 2009]

    Shri Sacha Baba Maharajji  (Shri Hans Raj Maharajji) is a realized Master whose ashram is to be found in the tiny village of Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh in India. He is a great saint of the Sacha lineage dedicated to helping humanity in the great spiritual transformation of consciousness (Parivartan in Sanskrit) which is now taking place. This rise in the spiritual consciousness of man is a necessary prerequisite to entering the coming era, one of more sharing and brotherhood which the new energies coming down on the Earth since the middle of the 19th century are now bringing in. Whether we know about it or not, whether we believe it or not, this new era is at our doorsteps and one must harmonize with the new energies in order to be able to live in this coming period of time. Since his enlightenment in 1955, Maharajji Sacha Baba has dedicated his life to this goal.

The Parivartan or Great Spiritual Transformation


  From the beginning of time, the Earth as well as the universe have been created, maintained and transformed through certain energies which condition them. Humanity, being a part of this whole, is also governed by these energies, and its development — physical, mental and spiritual goes through different stages as different energies make their influence felt according to the cycle of time which is unfolding. These cycles of time follow one another as the seasons of the year do, and so they determine the path of development which man, as well as the whole planet takes. After the development of the physical body, the emotions and then that of the mind which is the seat of the outer personality, it is now time for the development of spiritual consciousness, where the soul — seat of the higher Self — will be able to clearly express itself through the heart, which represents it. (This topic has already been explained in some detail in a preceding article, Help Along the Way in Humanity as a Collective Disciple.) During the present Kali Yuga, there will be a period of time where man will become more spiritual and turn to God.

 The energies which will bring about this spiritual change started coming down on Earth from the middle of the 19th century. However, before the new era comes fully into being, there is presently a period of transition which could be dangerous for man, if he does not adapt quickly enough to these new energies. This is because they push him in the direction of more spirituality, living through one’s heart, and being less egotistic, while many prefer to continue a selfish, materialistic way of life. Those who do not harmonize with these energies will be swept away by the resistance offered to them just like a person trying to swim against an extremely strong current of water, since they are very powerful, and have shaped everything which exists and consequently cannot be fought against. These people could behave so negatively that they could create problems for others in their sphere of influence. A good example of this is the two World Wars in the 20th century.


 Other examples are more difficult to understand but are just as true: the thoughts of man influence nature, and so volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, for example, which are natural happenings, are however more and more frequent and destructive because of the negative destructive energy created. If our thoughts could become more harmonious, then there would be less negative energy to disrupt Nature. No energy is lost, not even the energy of our thoughts, so it would be better if they brought healing to the planet rather than destruction.


Sacha Baba Maharajji and the Parivartan

This great saint has spent the major part of his life working for the spiritual transformation of humanity’s consciousness. During those years he has continuously spoken about certain aspects of this shift of consciousness and has always made suggestions as to how to bring this about, in particular that everyone should practise some form of spirituality every day. For many long years, he and the other leaders of the Sacha lineage before him have constantly prayed to attenuate the effects of the energies so as to give humanity more time to adapt to them. During that time, they have prayed non-stop for man to become more spiritual. However, Maharajji now says that these changes can no longer wait, and their powerful work has already started.

Here are a few passages from Sacha Baba Maharajji’s speeches about the Parivartan:

    “A minimum of two or three hours a day should be devoted to God to be saved from coming disasters. This sadhana can be for example japa, satsangs, meditation on a verse from the Bhagavad Gita. Even one verse only communicates the essence of life. Do participate in satsangs.” [Guru Purnima Festival 2004]

      “These last thirty years, I have constantly been advising you to pray to God for at least an hour a day. My mission has nothing to do with any religion at all. It mainly consists in turning humanity to God, for that is the ultimate aim in life. Mahamaya (1) can no longer wait to start the transformation of the world. In this process, only fifty-two per cent of the population will survive. This process has already started and we are now witnessing disasters all over the world, whether in the form of devastating floods like in Gujarat or elsewhere, tsunamis, or senseless violence, everywhere in the world.

     Mahamaya will force people to turn to God by creating various problems through illnesses, personal tragedies, aeroplane crashes, natural disasters and similar things. We have asked Mahamaya to spare humanity from destruction from the atom bomb. August and September will be hard times.

     I therefore insist once more on the fact that you must pray at least one hour a day. That is the only way to avoid these disasters. But what is dramatic is that nobody comes to me to find divine peace in his heart. You all come for me to solve your personal material problems. Turn to God and pray!!!” [Guru Purnima Festival 2005]

  “In December 2004, Rajarshi, one of the disciples, was in Maharajji’s room. The Master was speaking with ShantiMayi when his attendant Rameshji came to inform the divine Guru that a very destructive tsunami had devastated the coasts of several countries in South-east Asia and the Indian ocean. Maharajji then said,

‘This dramatic event has been caused by men’s actions and thoughts. If only they could understand that and behave better! Otherwise I fear that worse may come. But, will they understand?’ ” (2)

Torchbearers (great Avatars) of the Sacha Lineage       

 Shri Kacha Baba 

At the beginning of the 1900s, there lived a very old, great saint in India, Shri Kacha Baba,  who was considered by many as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the avatar Rama. After devoting his life to helping on both the spiritual and material planes in order to prepare humanity for the new era coming in, he transmitted his spiritual powers in 1914, we are told, to Shri Sacha Baba Girnari.


Shri Sacha Baba Girnari

Like Kacha Baba, Sacha Baba Girnari’s origin and age were unknown. He had appeared several times as a Master since Lord Krishna had left our world after the battle of Kurukshetra, and it is said that he was more than four hundred years old. He one day revealed to his personal secretary Diwakar Singh that he was Narada himself. It is said that Sacha Baba Girnari was the incarnation of both the Great Lord of Love and Wisdom — Vishnu and also that of the divine Rishi of Knowledge, Beauty and Teaching — Narada. This avatar devoted all his time and energy to helping to transform the spiritual consciousness of man all over the world. In India, he did not fail to address the lineage’s message of spiritual transformation to political leaders who were in a position to better the material conditions of their citizens so that they would then be able to turn their consciousness to God.


 Shri Sacha Baba Kulanandji 

 On leaving this world in 1944, Girnari Baba expanded  himself into Swami Kulanandaji, his most prominent disciple, thus transmitting him his powers. This disciple then became Sacha Baba, since he incarnated the powers of his Master. Sacha Baba Kulanandaji was therefore thought to be both the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Rishi Narada. This avatar carried out such great work that he brought humanity closer to God, and left important tools that man can use to become a realized being.

The Present Torchbearer of the Lineage
 Sacha Baba Maharajji (left) with the murti (statue) of Sacha Baba Kulanandaji

 One of Sacha Baba’s main disciple, Swami Hans Raji became enlightened in 1955. Later on, during a deep spiritual experience, he was told by the Divine Mother that he was Narada and Vishnu. On leaving this world in 1983, the Master transmitted him his powers, and Swamiji Hans Raj then became Sacha Baba in turn — Sacha Baba Maharajji (better known as Shri Hans Raj Maharajji). According to ShantiMayi, one of Sacha Baba Maharajji’s prominent disciples, Sacha Baba Kulanandaji used to say, “All are my hands and all are my feet. All are my ears and eyes, but Hans Raj, you are my heart.” Since then this avatar has been continuing the lineage’s work in leading the march towards the rise in man’s consciousness so that the transition into the new era will be as smooth as possible.

 He has several advanced disciples in India and the Western world. Among them, two Western disciples —realized Masters ShantiMayi  and Prem Baba travel the world with the message of spiritual advancement for humanity. During the winter months, they give satsangs at Maharajji’s ashram — Sacha Dham in Laxman Jhula.


1 Literally “The Great Illusion.” One of the manifestations of the Divine Mother as the separating veil between man and God. According to another meaning, it is the fact that man is subjected to a great illusion in this world as long as he has not attained enlightenment, from the spiritual point of view. He only sees the outer appearance of things and is not able to reach the Truth.

2 Taken from Shri Hans Raj Maharajji and the Dawn of a New Consciousness, by Ashvin Saptashishya, p.275]

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Christmas Messages (summary) at Sacha Dham ashram, Rishikesh December 2008

Christmas Message from Shri Hans Raj Maharajji, Prem Baba & ShantiMayi

Shri ShantiMayi                Shri Maharajji Sacha Baba                Shri Prembaba


Christmas Day is a day when the blessings of the Christ are poured down on the Earth in response to the call of humanity for peace and goodwill to all men at that particular time. Masters who work for the welfare of humanity receive this energy and redistribute it everywhere in the world. However, only those who open their hearts and harmonize with Christ or with those Masters are able to reap significant benefit from it. Here at Sacha Dham as usual, Christmas was celebrated, and this time two other Masters gave messages along with Maharajji Sacha Baba, the Master of the ashram. They are two of his disciples from the West who participe in the worldwide spiritual transformation with him, ShantiMayi and Prem Baba.

Follow the Example of Love

At about 11.30, Maharajji went to the hall to deliver his Christmas message. He was accompanied by ShantiMayi and Prem Baba. The disciples were both attentive and meditative, knowing that it was not just words which were going to be delivered, but also blessings. Maharajji reminded us that Jesus Christ had come for all mankind and insisted on the importance and universality of his message: that we should love one another. Even while he was being crucified, he told his disciples to love those doing him wrong just as much as they loved him. Maharajji repeated that we must love one another regardless of our different origins, and live as one family, also loving those who do us wrong. He concluded by saying that love is God and that this is the easiest way to attain realization.


Prem Baba then gave his message. He stressed the fact that although Jesus Christ was well-known for his great miracles, few people were able to see that the greatest miracle was the fact that he had accepted to die on the cross and still kept his compassion for others intact. Even while he was being crucified, he did not deviate from this love, and was even able to pray for his assassins, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” He thus showed us the way, the way to love.


ShantiMayi pointed out that like his life, Jesus Christ’s birth also had a very strong signification. At this event, there was a guiding star which guided everyone to Him. That had something to do with us as Earth people, as a living family of the Earth, being of the Cosmos, that we open our hearts rather than just being Earth-bound; that we open our minds to the whole of the universe. This ideal has to do with the guiding star which came that day; we remember that He was born on this day which was a new beginning for the great power. And this great power should not be feared for it is the power of love which is in every single human being.


Receiving the Blessings

During the messages, the spiritual atmosphere became very charged and one’s heart felt touched and uplifted by “something”, which could be called “spiritual blessings”. Following the messages, bajans (devotional songs) were led by Indian disciples followed by bajans led by Western disciples. These songs, added to the messages opened our hearts, and many a tear was wiped away as our hearts overflowed. The following beautifully expresses the experience which a disciple had on a similar occasion :


On Christmas day all the foreigners were in the temple and most of them were disciples of ShantiMayi. Maharajji was present and his hands radiated a sort of energy in the form of white tear drops which entered all the participants alike.

Maharajji told us that to be in contact with him was enough to put our hearts into contact with his. This is what I think: it is not necessary to be physically at his side to feel his energy. ( Ascension, Spain)


Once again Christmas at Sacha Dham was a moment which transported us into the realm of the soul.   


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Help Along the Way



Humanity as a Collective Disciple in this Era  

3. Help Along the Way



Help along the way

Continuous Help from great Avatars and Sages  

God has never abandoned man, however things may appear. He has periodically sent avatars from the beginning of time up to the present epoch in different countries to inspire and guide humanity. Wise men or Sages, called Masters, have never completely left the Earth, and their role is to carry out God’s plan on Earth and help humanity to do their part. They inspire humanity so that man will not be interested only in what the outer aspect of his being can bring him, but also the benefits of the higher Self and the spiritual world.  

They also do more than inspire. Certain great avatars have, for example, have carried out special work on the inner planes so that humanity will more easily be able to have access to their higher Self, through their heart, and therefore to the higher spiritual planes also. Indeed, this had not always been the case before an opening was made in the veil of ignorance between the higher Self and and the lower or outer one.

  A modern example of this type of very high spiritual work is to be found in the work of Masters of the Sacha lineage, in particular that of Sacha Baba Kulanandaji (1910 – 1983). This great avatar has brought humanity closer to God. He has given man a particular mantra, Prabhu Aap Jago, which is chanted continually so as to raise the spiritual level of humanity and at the same time ensure that the basic necessities of life will be met for whoever connects with him or Masters of the Sacha lineage while seriously following spiritual a practice of their own choice.

  They do a lot to help individuals and countries whenever they can. For example, Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba has continuously prayed so as to avoid a third world war, and has so far succeeded. Many may remember that not so long ago, it was common for many people to die of starvation in India. However, through the work of Sacha Baba Kulanandaji and Maharajji Sacha Baba, India has now become self-sufficient in food and even exports cereals. There are still poor people in India, but that is because the wealth of the country is not well distributed. Through his prayers, Maharajji has also been able to prevent nuclear disasters and major conflicts between the bigger nations. It must be said that their role is not to prevent man from learning through the use of free will. Thus they give advice so that we will live harmoniously, but such advice is rarely followed, and so we learn through trial and error, which is the origin of suffering on the Earth.


Learning to Live Harmoniously  

Humanity evolves by learning to make wise choices and so acquire wisdom. Making mistakes is also a part of the learning process, therefore it should not be seen as cruelty to leave man to learn the lessons of life through personal experience. He has the ability to connect with God, and unfortunately he does so mostly when he has lost all hope of finding any solution to very serious problems. What would be wise, is to follow spiritual laws, and connect with God continually, thus avoiding much of the suffering we experience.

If we take the example of a child, we see that it often falls and even hurts itself before being able to walk, and eventually run. We know it would not be wise or even healthy to prevent the child from walking simply because we do not want it to hurt itself. This is a part of growing up, and everybody goes through that stage. But the difference between the experience of small children in that situation and adult spiritual life is that since man is linked inwardly to the spiritual world in general and to his Heavenly Father, he can connect with Him to get advice so as to avoid many mistakes and dangers. Even our inner Self has enough wisdom to help us avoid a great part of the suffering we undergo.


Clearing the Path to the Heart  

However, not being used to living through their hearts, most people have the impression that unlike the concrete physical situation around them, there is nothing in the spiritual world with with they can interact, and so they do not even try. But they are wrong. The more one connects with the spiritual world, the more our hearts open and eventually we learn to discern the answer given to our prayers. We must admit that after spending many years and even lifetimes listening only to the outer self, with its never-ending stream of often noisy thoughts from the mind, our bodies and especially our minds are no longer apt to tune in to the whispers of the soul expressing itself through the heart.

It is not reasonable to expect to find a nice, clear asphalted road to drive on if for many years that road has been neglected. One might logically find bushes, trees and even rocks on it. Indeed, one may not even find any road at all, depending on how long it has been ignored and left to become bushland. Why then would it be different with the path to the heart? This path becomes blocked because of the predominance of the gross vibrations of the outer self with the thinking mind, ever ready to impose its thoughts. The heart becomes cluttered up with the idols of the day, and very little opportunity is given to the voice of the soul to express itself. Such a heart cannot transmit the inner voice which brings advice, answers or solutions to certain situations.


Going on to the Next Stage  

In such a situation, one may not even desire to change, for one finds this situation perfectly normal. Yet, in the spiritual domain, when we refuse to live according to spiritual laws, to listen to the voice of the heart and generally accept the fact that we are spirits living in a body which we use as a vehicle, we also act like Peter Pan who did not want to grow up. Humanity has reached the stage in its development where its heart needs to be opened so that man can go on to the next stage which is to live more fully as a spiritual being, instead of tarrying in the superficial pleasures and satisfaction of the mind and emotions of the outer self. The desire for these things is perfectly normal, for in growing up this is part of the natural process. But to remain forever in this state is not normal, for just as children become adults, humanity must continue the process of development which started with the physical, followed by the emotional aspect, then continued with the mental; it is now time to develop the spiritual aspect of man much more fully.

  This can explain why so many people are interested in spirituality today, not necessarily in a religious way, but with a view to living a harmonious life. Indeed, most people no longer have blind faith, since they are learning to think for themselves, and they want to understand the spiritual path they take. But with the new cosmic energies coming down on the earth now, it is not enough to be vaguely interested in spirituality, for that will not allow anybody to harmonize with them. Everything is vibration, and one must follow serious spiritual practice in order to raise one’s vibrations to those of the incoming energies.

 Each person must therefore live according to his heart, and learn to listen to the voice of the soul. Let us not forget that we are not alone. Our elder brothers, the Masters, watch over us and bring help whenever they can, if humanity wishes them to do so. Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba, leading the worldwide spiritual transformation, tells us that “Spirituality must be manifested by all, for God’s creation must become perfect. That is what saints work for, when they watch over humanity’s evolution, thus serving God. This evolution comes about in two ways: either easily and harmoniously when men cooperate with this transformation, or else difficulties will bring about this change. This is so not only for individuals, but also for nations.” (From Maharajji’s message at the Diwali festival, 28 October 2008)

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Shri Hans Raj Maharajji’s Message at the Diwali Festival 28 Oct. 2008 (Summary)

Diwali Message 2008
 Sacha Baba Maharajji

My souls…

Why is Diwali celebrated in India? In Indian culture, there is a spiritual cause for all festivals. One must therefore go beyond the outer aspects to see the true message.

The Importance of Self-Sacrifice in Order to Obtain Everything

The Diwali Festival commemorates the crowning of Ram in Ayodhya after having been banished for fourteen years. When Rama entered Ayodhya, people spontaneously showed how happy they were. During his reign, there was prosperity, happiness, truth and good health for all. These changes were possible because Rama had sacrificed himself for many long years, far from his family, fighting demons in the jungle.

This shows that to succeed, one must make sacrifices. You must therefore make sacrifices if you want to realize God. Through devotion, you enter into communion with the transcendental state of the Master and you can also become spiritually developed to the point where you are as well-known and celebrated as your own Master. That is how Hanuman, because of his great devotion to his Master Rama, is today as celebrated or even more so than Rama is. If his devotion is great, the disciple becomes perfect and through the grace of his Master, he can do things as great as him, or ever greater.

Today, one sees few true sadhus (people who have renounced the world and seek God). They die their clothes, but are not real sadhus. The true sadhu is one who has surrendered to God and who, through his grace finds the solution to all his problems, and who is not materialistic.

It’s been five years now since I no longer leave the ashram. Sacha Baba told me that I would have all I needed and that it was no longer necessary to look for anything whatsoever outside. And because I have always surrendered to my Guru, this is what has happened. God can give you everything, but you must first surrender to him.

Entrust the Master With all Aspects of your Life

You must be devoted to and have complete confidence in the Master. No aspect of your life can or must be hidden from God. The Guru sees everything in the life of the disciple and he takes care of him in every little thing as with the more important things. All aspects of his life, the most important as well as day to day situations must be carried out with his inspiration. He must not be left out of any of them.

Ever since I’ve been with my Master, I’ve never disobeyed, nor done anything against his will. One day, I had to leave Varanasi and go to Calcutta. Normally there were three trains I could take, and as usual I had decided to take the first one because usually there was more space. But that time, my Master told me to take the second one. So, confidently, I waited for the second train. When it arrived at the station, it was indeed packed, and there was no space. But as it stopped, a door opened just in front of me. Only one person got down from that door, and I was able to get on the carriage and take his place.

Cooperate With the Masters for Harmonious Progression

Spirituality must be manifested by all, for God’s creation must become perfect. That is what saints work for, when they watch over humanity’s evolution, thus serving God. This evolution comes about in two ways : either easily and harmoniously when men cooperate with this transformation, or else difficulties will bring about this change. This is so not only for individuals, but also for nations.

Disciples in particular and humanity in general must cooperate with God and the saints for their evolution. (1)

– ————————————–

(1) In thse last two pagagraphs Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba is speaking about the great shift in consciousness which has now started, Parivartan in Hindi. The whole planet is going through an initiation in order to reach a higher state of spirituality, as we enter a new era at the end of the Kali Yuga. For more information on this change in consciousness, see these two articles :

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Shri Hans Raj Maharajji’s Prakash Diwash (Enlightenment Day) Message 3 October, 2008 (summary)


Shri Hans Raj Maharajji

 My souls …

That morning at 6 o’clock I saw a light. I saw the sun in which Sacha Baba was sitting. My body became hot. Then I saw all Mahapurush (Great Beings) : Rama, Shankar, Durga, all of Them.


One has to pay for things done in past lives. Saints all live for others. Saints do not belong to any religion. Saints follow the law of karma. Rama killed Bali from behind a tree. For that karma he had to pay. This karm phal [fruit of action] is very subtle.  

 Guru’s Grace

The Lord who resides in all, that One may I be given.” So prayed Sita, and she got married to Rama. On us is the veil of maya, [illusion] which we cannot take off by ourselves. It is taken off with the help of Guru kripa [grace of the Guru] only. In my childhood, I used to visit a temple where the pujari [priest] used to say that you can ask for anything from the vanshi walla [the One with the flute, Lord Krishna] and you will get it. And if you ask to have Him, Himself, then you will get everything.

Sacha Baba Kulanandji’s Promise

Our country used to import cereals. [Baba had asked me to collect food grains throughout the country for his ashram and if I succeeded, he would make a sankalpa so that India would be self-sufficient. This program was successfully achieved.] So all food needs were taken care of and Baba said that from then on there would be no shortage of food in India. That is why we are now self-sufficient in this country.

 The Great Transformation

The Parivartan is progressively taking place. Every year hundreds of thousands of people now die, and this is going to increase. Bhajans [devotional songs praising the Lord] will have to be done. Break the knots of your ego. You have to do it yourself, for the Guru only helps.

If the Parivartan takes place in a hard way, then 65% of the world population will die, and if it takes place with mercy, then 35% will go.

   A Worthy Life

 We all have love for God. Baba has said to give people good food, and at the same time give them God. But one must also do his work. Today everyone is smart, they want everything. But everyone has to leave this world one day, and what will be left behind is his name. [whatever we get during our life, we will have to leave it when time comes to depart from this world. That is why I do not hoard anything.] You will be rewarded according to your deeds. Now come to your senses. God will make you free of your karma. He is not at all outside you. He is inside. Inside you there is hell, heaven and devaloka. Everything is inside. It does not make any difference if you are a Hindu or a Muslim. In winter, thousands of foreigners come in search of God.

Do bajans for an hour or two and so nothing will happen to you. Today, there are so many people suffering from cancer.

I will not pray for anyone now; the time for that is over. If you do not do bajans (devotional songs which praise the Lord), you will die suffering.

For information about the Worldwide Transformation of consciousness see also :

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Man’s Spiritual Path

Humanity as a Collective Disciple in this Era 

1. Man’s Spiritual Path


The Path

Contrary to what one may think, humanity on the whole is evolving slowly but surely, and has a goal to meet. We are not just drifting here and there as the wind blows, but are following a well defined plan that leads to the goal humanity pursues. This goal is the perfection of man, and his merging with his Creator, God.

Humanity is one body, and we all go up this path together. However, many walk blindly, not knowing that there is a purpose to life. Indeed, man needs to more deeply explore the spiritual side of things; after all, we do realize that we are not just flesh and bones and a thinking mind, but also a spiritual being. What then is the consequence of this? How does this change our lives?

Each human being needs to ask himself questions like these and try to find answers. It is not enough to accept other people’s conclusions without working out the answers ourselves, otherwise we would only be trying to live our lives as other people think fit, and not really live from our hearts. There must be some reason why many people are so unhappy in life, and this is because they do not follow their hearts. When we reflect on what our lives are about, then our eyes begin to open, and we begin to follow our hearts.

The path to spiritual heights is often long and lonely, because everybody does not arrive at the above truth at the same time. Everybody does not wish or even find it necessary to live with their hearts. But when one keeps one’s eyes fixed on love, God and the goal, one is filled with such joy and happiness, in spite of the many difficulties one confronts that one accepts to make the necessary sacrifices. The climb to those heights necessitates faith and perseverance.

This spiritual ascent is not incompatible with everyday life. Indeed, it is the same life. There is not “spiritual life” on one hand, and “every day life” on the other. We daily live through situations which lead us to practise the spiritual truths we believe in. And life after life, we come back and learn a little more, gain more and more wisdom until one day, after consciously following the spiritual path, we realize that we have blossomed out into a highly spiritual being. And then at last, we live our lives much more abundantly.

The challenge which faces humanity today, is that everybody must reach a higher level of consciousness very rapidly, because the present cycle of energies pushes man to do so. The period of time which allows man to adapt is now drawing to a close, and it is necessary to help humanity to go back to the qualities of the heart so that all will be in harmony with the new era coming in, a more spiritual era of brotherhood and sharing. Otherwise, people, by their thoughts and actions, will offer too great a resistance to the new energies and will undergo great hardships. That is the reason why very advanced Beings are now assisting humanity.

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The Temple of the Heart

Humanity as a Collective Disciple in this Era 
2. The Temple of the Heart

The Heart: a Sure Guide 

The heart is our inner temple. Just as the brain is the seat of intellectual life, in the same way the heart is the seat of our spiritual guidance, and we must therefore learn to hear the whispers of the soul with the ears of the heart, and see with the eyes of the heart in order to rise ever higher and reach our spiritual goal, which is the perfection of man and union with God.

  We Share the Same Soul

  As we have said, humanity is one body on the inner planes, sharing the same soul, and it is also a collective disciple going up the spiritual path little by little. One only needs to observe the great changes it has gone though since the days of cavemen, to realize this fact. Man as one body follows the same rules as individual disciples and so goes through different growing stages. At present, humanity, after having gained some mastery over its physical, emotional and mental aspects, now needs to turn its attention to developing the spiritual capacities of the heart. This will allow the soul to express itself more fully and little by little spiritualize the consciousness of man.

    New Energies for a Cycle of New Consciousness

  The heart is the inner temple to which we retire to find joy and inspiration in daily life, and solace in times of difficulty which never fail to come about. It is especially the sure guide which connects us to God and spiritual realities which are necessary to man’s spiritual development and general well-being. This is absolutely necessary at the present time because new cosmic energies are now coming down on the Earth, and so all human beings need to harmonize themselves with them in order to live comfortably, and even survive. These energies affect everyone – their influence being positive to those who have developed sufficient spiritual qualities, and negative to those who are still attached to a very materialistic way of being, which is totally incompatible with these energies.

   Indeed, they are of a higher nature than the ones before, for they are destined to usher in a new cycle for humanity, an era of higher spirituality. We know that everything is vibration, and so human beings also are vibration. Therefore, logically, if the vibrations of certain people are not in harmony with those of the new energies which are now pushing man up a higher rung of spirituality, then this conflict will create great difficulties in their lives.  

 The Heart is Not Enough

    Although the heart is the inner temple, it alone is not enough to bring man to finally realize his true nature. This so because of the duality within man. There is constantly a conflict of interests between the inner man and the outer man, and it is usually the latter which dominates. It is necessary to heed words of wisdom, or teachings from realized Masters who have gone that way and have won their immortality. These truths need to be practised so that both the inner and outer man will go in the same direction, as they are henceforth led by the soul. The final word is that no one can attain enlightenment without the help of a realized Master, for where the disciple is blind, the Master sees the path to follow and leads him from darkness to light, thus helping him to overcome obstacles which often he knows nothing about.  

 The Help of Avatars is Needed

  What is new, besides the energies spoken of above, is that the entire humanity needs to be taught, and led as one being up the path of spirituality in order to be ready in time for the new epoch. Individual teaching is no longer enough as time is running out in the effort to prepare man for the new cycle which is starting off.

 Great Beings, great avatars are greatly helping at the present time by channelling the new energies and reducing their effect so that humanity can get used to them progressively. At the same time, they give spiritual guidance on the inner planes to help humanity acquire wisdom and make the right choices. We have seen how destructive the first two World Wars have been, and these avatars inspire humanity so that they may now choose the path of peace and understanding. Their help is of vital importance because humanity has greatly lost its spiritual values, and does not seem to be able to go in the right direction when left to itself.

   The Sacha Lineage: Leading this Transformation of Consciousness

There is presently a lineage of realized Masters leading this spiritual transformation of humanity’s consciousness – the Sacha lineage. Working through the Universal Soul, they inspire the entire humanity so that more and more, the world will become receptive to true spirituality, not only in words, but also in deed. They had been helping humanity on the inner planes for many cycles, and have now come back physically as Great Avatars to guide man as safely as possible into this new cycle. The latest great Avatar Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba of Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh in India has lead this mission for many long years.

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Shri ShantiMayi gives a luminous explanation of the Gayatri Mantra


ShantiMayi tells us that the Gayatri Mantra is one of the keynotes for the transformation of consciousness. It expresses and propagates its blessings within the fields of consciousness. It is one of the oldest prayers known to humanity, its sentiment is as ancient as light.

Visit her website where she explains the treasures bestowed upon those who chant it, and also its far-reaching effects.

Shri ShantiMayi was born in the United States. She met Shri Hans Raj Maharajji in 1988, and immediately understood that she was at the feet of the one she had been looking for for so many years. Her devotion to Maharajji and the steadfast pursuit of her sadhana enabled her to attain the goal – enlightenment – in only a few years, in the early 90s. In the following years, a large number of disciples from different countries of the world started to gather around her.

Maharajji then gave her the task of turning the hearts of men and women around the world back to God. That is what she does in travelling to different countries every year and creating centres of light here and there, like, for example, her ashram Terre de Sacha in the French Pyrenees.

 See also  the World Wide Gayatri Mantra Light Circle.

“Join our World Wide Gayatri Mantra Light Circle by chanting the Gayatri Mantra for the enlightenment of all beings.
You may also include areas that need spiritual awakening and humanitarian aid such as natural disasters, catastrophes and areas which have been affected by anti-environmental impact.

Anyone can participate in chanting this marvellous mantra. You need not be a Hindu.

Mother Gayatri has promised enlightenment to all the worlds, the mantra is non-sectarian so all can join and chant.”  

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India 2007 (Scenes from Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh; Prem Baba, Maharajji)

Shri Prem Baba from Brazil, attained enlightenment, through the encounter and the grace of His Guru, Sri Sri Hans Raj Maharajji, three years after receiving the Gurumantra from him. Since then he has been spreading the teachings of the Sachcha Lineage to his disciples, and receiving people from all over Brazil and several other countries of the world who look to him to receive his blessings and advice.

As a Spiritual Master He works on behalf of the Universe, awakening God in people and establishing social values. He works by building bridges between worlds, for example, between science and spirituality, between the Western and Eastern worlds. He has founded the Sachcha Mission  Ashram – a Center for Universal Enlightenment in Brazil.

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Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba’s Blog  En Français  |   In English

Jyotiananda’s Video Channel

The Golden Path

ShantiMayi‘s Website

World Wide Gayatri Mantra Light Circle
Participate in chanting the Gayatri Mantra for the enlightenment of all beings.

World Wide Medicine Buddha Healing Circle
The purpose of this world-wide healing circle is to send healing to friends, relatives… or anyone we know who is in need of healing. Participation is done by chanting the Medicine Buddha Mantra with specific focus/intention for that person, in groups or individually, aloud or silently.

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